Achieving the post-pandemic vision: leaner, greener and keener

HLB Survey of Business Leaders 2021
By HLB International
20 January 2021

Pivotal, disruptive, re-defining, unprecedented: The global Coronavirus outbreak and its economic implications will make 2020 go down in history as a year of crisis. Operating remotely under lockdown and physical distancing restrictions, business leaders had to chart new strategic priorities, balance a multitude of risks, and find ways to deploy the ‘human touch’ into their now digital-first brand and wider operations.

As we enter 2021, pessimism around the state of the global economy is gradually being replaced with a staunch commitment to finding new opportunities for growth. Over three-quarters of leaders we surveyed for this year’s report feel optimistic about their ability to grow in the new economic cycle.

For many companies, COVID-19 and its implications served as a strong prerequisite for questioning how their actions shape consumer perception of their brand, and what practices could better position them for future success. From new product launches and increased pace of digitisation, to workforce transformations and accelerated commitment to a greener and leaner production, business leaders are actively planning to achieve their post-pandemic vision.

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